The Twelve Beers of Christmas- VIII

Holiday Cheer From Belgium

Back to Belgium for our number eight Christmas beer  (as it turns out they brew a lot of good beer there).  Brasserie Silenrieux is again a relatively new brewery (1995) who brew organic beers and beers made with non-traditional grains, such as spelt or buckwheat.  Conveniently enough, they also brew a Christmas beer, Noel de Silenrieux, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

In the glass the beer is dark, cola-colored,  and supports a very tall, rocky head.  The scent is sweet and fruity, reminding me of the sour cherry wine my dad used to make.  The taste has cooked cherry, tangy berry and vague nutty notes.  The fruitiness is countered by subtle hops, which gives a  nice flavor balance.  There is a bit of warmth in the mouthfeel, which is not surprising since this Belgian sweetheart clocks in at a solid 9% abv.  The finish is all about cherry, fruit preserves and some tart hints.  A great seasonal ale for fans of Belgian kriek beers, I think.


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