The Twelve Beers of Christmas- X

From Santa’s fridge to yours

Christmas beer number 10 sees us visiting Newport, Oregon.  The hardworking crew at Rogue Ales has been  supplying the thirsty masses with quality craft brews since 1988.  And since it is currently December 25, it seems only fitting that we should be sipping on Santa’s Private Reserve.

This is not your typical winter ale.  Santa’s Private Reserve pours out a hazy, ruddy, brown with a tan head that leaves a ton of lacing.  The scent is mostly citrus and pine hops, with a vague burnt sugar aroma.  The taste is all about hops.  Pine, pine sap, peppermint, oregano and just enough caramel maltiness to keep you coming back for more.  The ale finish is long and sharp with a little bit of a buttery feel.   Rogue has provided a nice change from the usual winter offerings – winter ale for hopheads.  No wonder Santa has been holding out on us.


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