Half-sack! Beer o’ The Week Number Six

  Aah, six.  The ol’ half dozen.  So many times it shows up.  With six sides you can make a hexagon or a cube.  Six was the number worn by Bill Russell, arguably the greatest defensive center to ever pull on a basketball jersey.  Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  In Mandarin, the number six represents happiness (which is exactly what I feel when presented with a six-pack).  But a more immediate reason to love that number that falls betwwen five and seven is the sixth edition of Beer o’ The Week!

Double schwack o' hops indeed!

  The good and talented team at Driftwood Brewery have decided to release Twenty Pounder IPA (which contains a double schwack of hops).This only make sense, given the success of the well-received and delicious Fat Tug IPA (which sadly only contained a schwack of hops- and still managed to win “Beer of the Year” at the Canadian Brewing Awards).  I must say that I was on board as soon as I saw the label, which recalls one of the album covers from a fairly successful Australian band.  I know it’s wrong to be pulled in by good packaging, but as a chef I used to work with always said : “You eat first with your eyes, no?”  He also used to say: “Get these f#*%&ing meals out before they get cold!”and “You are the most useless person I know.  Do we actuallly pay you?”, but that has no relevance to this review.   

  Moving forward, let’s talk about the liquid.  The Twenty Pounder pours out a cloudy dark amber color,  like the color of strong tea.  The off-white head is long-lasting and leaves behind classic lacing.  The scent is all about burnt caramel and herbal hops.  There’s a cavalcade of hop flavor in here: pepper, white grapefruit, white grapefruit rind, and oregano.  This is backed beautifully by a faint caramel sweetness, just a hint, that keeps you sipping to try and find it again.  The beer is heavy and creamy, with an almost viscuous mouthfeel.  The finish is long (it goes on forever), and echoes the herbal notes as well as showing some bitter lime.  Make no mistake- this is a hop bomb.  It is a full frontal fusillade for the taste buds.  This IPA is huge, solid and exceedingly tasty.

  In short, this beer shoots to thrill.  It shook me all night long.  It left me thunderstruck.  It had me ringing- okay, I’ll stop.  Let’s just say another outstanding job by Driftwood.


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