More Great Canadian Beer Fest…

  Day two at the Great Canadian Beer Festival dawned as sunny and warm as day one.  After a morning spent rehydrating and traipsing around Victoria, it was time to rendezvous with the crack tasting team (Colleen, Kathryn and Mary).  We proceeded to Royal Athletic Park a little bit early, and took up our position in line- approximately one hundred thousand people had beat us there and now stood between us and the brewers.  But we are nothing if not stubborn, and the line moved even quicker than the previous day. 

  Once inside, it was time to try some brews and do a little people-watching, which is always interesting.  From a distance the crowd looked like this:

the crowd

The sign in the middle reads "cold beer". Which may account for the crowd.

  Up close, however, things looked a little different:

Dancing banana, fiddle playing Darth Vader. Any questions?

    As well as Darth and the danacing banana, Plaster Guy, Copper Girl, Duff Man, Fred Flintstone, numerous bavarian beer girls, several Celtic guys in kilts and at least one guy in a morphsuit were there.  All in the name of celebrating the art of brewing. 

  And there was plenty to celebrate.  As well as previously mentioned breweries we tasted outstanding beers from as many producers as we could fit in.  The pride of Sorrento, B.C. Crannog Ales had Kathryn going back for more of their cask conditioned Gael’s Blood Potato Ale (in the interest of full disclosure, Colleen and I also made a trip back for more Back Hand of God Stout).  Mary was a big fan of Unibroue‘s Blanche de Chambly.  The coastal crews showed off some huge beers:  Howe Sound was showcasing their cask aged Pothole Filler Imperial Stout, and Driftwood was wooing the beer nerds with the cask aged Old Cellar Dweller. And there was oh so many more.  Port Townsend Brewing brought Yoda’s Green Tea Ale (Darth Vader was probably envious), Stone Brewing poured Arrogant Bastard Pale Ale, and Deshcutes tasted their Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  The afternoon was long and thoroughly enjoyable.

  Once again, tips it hat to the organizers, volunteers, brewers and entertainers at the festival.  Job well done- you can expect us back next year.  To those who have not yet been, make it a point to go next year.  Outstanding festival!


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