Beer of The Week Number Five!

I find the number five to be exceedingly useful.  You can high five (or low five if you want).  You can play the five position in basketball, provided you are tall enough to play center.  Five  is the atomic weight of boron.  Whodini fans can have “Five Minutes of Funk”.  But even better than that is the fifth installment of Beer of The Week!

tree brewing hefeweizen

  With the last few days of an exceedingly short summer fading to a memory, you can still at least  get a taste of summer with some of that hot weather staple, hefeweizen.  And we have to look no further for a fine example than our good friends at Tree Brewing.

Tree Brewing Co. Hefeweizen (5%):  This is a very cloudy, golden colored brew.  The aroma is mild, sweet and honey-ish, with notes of spice and toasted corn.  The tastes are layered and well balanced: bread, yeasty bread dough, grapefruit rind, honey, some light banana and very faintly cloves.  The mouthfeel is slightly creamy and warming.  The finish is moderately long and contains enough citrus hops to keep it clean and refreshing.   This is an excellent beer and, just to overuse the term, well balanced.  I’ll quote my tasting partner’s notes : “I’ve bought it before and I will buy it again.”  What better recommendation can you have?


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  1. jon says:

    Cool site. Just getting started with my own site at My brother who lives in BC and I are passionate about beer and living a healthy fit lifestyle. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Keep up the awesome posts!

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