Threepeat! Beer o’ The Week Number Three

There may be a couple people who remember my rant about the No Jail Pale Ale from Penticton’s Cannery Brewing.  Well this week we have good, no make that great, news.  The fine folks at Cannery have sent out the beer, complete with a new moniker.  It is now available, provided you know to ask for the fittingly named “No Justice Pale Ale”.  That’s right my friends.  This tasty little morsel has hit the shelves, and we are immediately thrusting it in to the spotlight as this week’s Beer o’ The Week!

The politically correct No Justice Pale Ale

Now just to be clear: notoriety alone does not get you a BoTW title (and all the distinction that comes with it).  You gotta earn your stripes around here.  Here at , we’re willing to guzzle beer for hours to determine a winner.  And we have.  So read on for our take on the newly-named beer.

The ale pours out the color of light tea, capped by a persistent “clingy” head that leaves good lacing.  The aroma is fairly light,  showing hints of toast and some citrus (chiefly grapefruit).  The taste is pretty solid for a 3% beer, showing good complexity; bread, toast, bitter coffee, as well as some peppery and vegetal notes.  Light bodied, creamy and well carbonated.  The finish is moderately long and  features more citrus and pepper flavors.  This is easily the best low alcohol beer I have ever tasted- nice solid malt backbone, great hop balance.  Low in alcohol?  Yes.  Low in flavor?  Not on your nelly!  This stuff is fantastic.  Another job well done by the brewing team at Cannery.

One last thought:  I actually managed to procure of bottle of this when it was still called “No Jail Pale Ale”.  Don’t ask how, for I am sworn to secrecy.  But get it I did.  With the door bolted and the curtains drawn I sat myself down and poured a glass.  And maybe it was the knowledge that I was drinking a forbidden beer, but I think it may have tasted even better.


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2 Responses to Threepeat! Beer o’ The Week Number Three

  1. James says:

    I’m guessing you mean No Jail in your last paragraph.

    “One last thought: I actually managed to procure of bottle of this when it was still called “No Justice Pale Ale”. “

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