Beer o’ The Week!

natureland black stout


In our on-going quest to bring you new and exciting content, we’re going to try a new feature that highlights what we beergeeks feel are some of the better beers we try.  The criteria are very strict: whatever we like in that particular seven day time span.  Welcome to Beer o’ The Week!

As our inaugral selection to this category, allow me to present Natureland Organic Black Stout.  This is brewmaster Peter Boettcher’s latest addition to the Natureland line-up (there are five styles available), coming on the heels of his outstanding Festbier.  Read on for our take:

Way up in Prince George, there appears to be an abudant supply of pure spring water.  If an enterprising team of brewers were to combine said spring water with some organic ingredients (say somehops, malted barley and yeast), who knows what the result would be?  I do!  Lemme tell you about it.

The stout pours a dark, dark brown (almost black, strangely enough), topped by a low tan head that disappears quickly.  The scent is malt heavy, lots of roasted grain, cocoa, some caramel and molasses.  Flavor-wise this is classic stout: dark chocolate, strong coffee and black pepper all balanced by a sweet note.  The finish shows highlights of more dark chocolate and dusty cocoa at first, then sails out with a touch of hoppy bitterness.  The beer is on the lighter side for stouts (depite the 6.2% alcohol) which means it goes down quick and easy.  What I like most about this beer is the balance.  The brewmaster shows a deft hand in playing the various flavors off one another, and keeping them all working together.  Which makes me a big fan of the Peter Boettcher.  And makes Natureland Organic Black Stout our very first Beer o’ The Week!


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