Tree Brewing Unveils New Packaging, Products (with a surprise!)

Thirsty yet?

Kelowna’s Tree Brewing has opted out of the generic bottle mold, and boldly forged ahead with their own bottle design.  The new-look bottle will be easier to see, as they will arrive in an equally new, open “basket” type carrier.  The updated packaging is timed to coincide with the craft brewery’s fifteenth anniversary.  The company tells us that beer enthusiasts can rest assured it is only the appearance that is changing- the recipes will remain the same.  I must admit, this is one sleek looking bottle (I’ve always been a fan of emboosed bottles). 

The new product is the Beach Blonde Lager, which will soon be available (in cans).  In all fairness, this is not an entirely new product, as it has been available on draft at the tasting room, where it went over extremely well.  Well enough, in fact, to warrant it’s own spot in the line-up.  Look for it this spring.  

And the surprise?  Glad you asked.  This summer if you should need a break from beer (I’ve heard about people like that), you will be able to enjoy a refreshing dry cider from the Tree brewing crew: Dukes Cider.  It will be arriving this spring as well, in an eye-catching red and black can.  As soon as I land a taste of it, I will keep my faithful readers (both of them) up to date on how it tastes.  Until then, cheers!


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One Response to Tree Brewing Unveils New Packaging, Products (with a surprise!)

  1. BeerLearner says:

    Isn’t light one of the enemies of beer? After all, even though the bottles are brown in tinge as a method of conservation from blue light interacting w/ the hops, it is far from perfect. I guess, I’ll just purchase the 12 pack mixer w/ the Vintage Winter Ale. On the other hand, I do like unique bottles.

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