About that new beer from Turning Point…

A beer bottle (jar?) from the original Stanley Park BreweryWay back in September, the ever-vigilant crew here at beergeek.ca heard rumor that Turning Point Brewery would be producing a new beer, which is only reasonable given the success they enjoyed with their amber ale.  Just to add more fuel to the fire, we now put a name and a style to the new brew: Noble Pilsner (I should note that the picture to the right is NOT the packaging for the new item, but a photo of an original Stanley Park bottle, from somewhere around the turn of last century).  As the name would imply, the beer is made with Hallertau, Mittelfrueh and Perle hops (all noble varieties), lending it some authenticity, and dare I say it, “street cred”.  Assuming your street is full of beer afficionados.  So it has the right ingredients, comes from the fancy new brewery, packaged in a trendy embossed bottle- but what does it taste like?  Funny you should ask.  It just so happens that a bottle fell in to the hands of yours truly, and my take is as follows:

The beer pours a brilliantly clear straw color, topped by a fairly low, light, but persistent head.  The aroma is sharp and slightly on the stronger side.  I found a grain-y malt touch and some earthy herbal hop scents.  The flavor shows floral hints and, to a lesser degree, herbal ones as well.  There is lots of citrus (lemon, curacao oranges, and lime) and in the background some sweet corn flavor.  This all leads to a long earthy lemon/lime finish.  This is a well crafted beer.  It’s hard not to like an immensely drinkable pilsner like this.  It’s available in draft now, and I expect that a bottled version will be available in mid to late spring.  I expect a lot of this will be consumed this summer on patios and around barbecues.


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