The (exceedingly late) Sunday Ramblings

Well, it’s been long time between postings, largely due to the need to attend to job and family over the holidays (and to a lesser degree, the need for a break).  But for both of you who follow this blog, I’m back.  And there is plenty of beer-related news to share.  Unfortunately, due to my server getting hacked, I can’t access my news feeds.  There is something vaguely ironic about not posting for two months and then being unable to access the tools needed when you decide to get to it- but I will leave that to the philosphers.  So a quick scramble through my inbox leaves me with a few pertinent tid-bits to publish to the interweb.  Here goes:

New from Russell Brewing, the latest addition to the Brewmaster Series is Blood Alley Extra Special Bitter.  Apparently it is named after “a notorious cobblestone laneway in Vancouver’s Gastown district”.  50 IBUs courtesy Columbus, Cascade and Willamette hops.  Like all the Brewmaster beers, a great sprayed label- hopefully the beer will be as outstanding.  More info will be forthcoming once I have my hands on a bottle of it.

Good news for Sierra Nevada fans.  The revered California craft beers are slowly making their way in to B.C.  Pale Ale and Torpedo IPA are both able to be found here now, with hopefully more selections coming soon. 

And as soon as I can access my news feeds, expect some more (and more regular) posts.


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