Hallowe’en Ramblings

So, you’re finding that the usual craft brews are just too well traveled?  Looking for something even smaller batch and more exclusive?  Try tracking down some beer brewed by “gypsy brewers”.  Still too mainstream for you?  Then what you are looking for, my friend, is brews made by “nanobrewers”.  You can be fairly certain thats you’ll be the only beergeek at the next tasting to show up with some of their stuff.  Now on to a Hallowe’en tip.  Some of you may end up with some extra pumpkins after this scary holiday and this article can show you something to do with ’em.  With articles in mind, I recently came upon this item on thenibble.com that may be the most comprehensive yet still readable beer glossary that I’ve seen.  A little too comprehensive for you?  Then try this one, courtesy some good folks in in the Twin Cities.  And really, that’s all I’ve got for this Sunday.  For everyone who is driving today, please be careful- watch out for the trick-or-treaters who’ll be wandering your neighbourhood.  If you’re going to partake of a little bit of “pumpkin juice”, make plans for a ride.  And try not to over-do it.  You don’t want to end up like poor ol’ Jack here:


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