The Eagerly Anticipated Sunday Ramblings

This week there is a truly international theme to the Sunday ramblings.  First up, Brooklyn Brewery makes a foray in to India.  The renowned New York craft brewer is now available (via Cerana Imports) in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Chennai and Pune according to this article.  Be advised that, as much as we love Brooklyn brews, the article goes a little over the top in lavishing praise on the company (i.e. “most prominent and classic craft beer maker”, “instrumental role in building the market for specialty beers worldwide”).  But it is good to see the craft beer market growing ever larger.  Next stop Hawaii, where you will find Kona Brewing Company doing right by the environment while simultaneously brewing some immensely drinkable beers.  If you’re living in a sunshine-y paradise, it just makes sense to use a clean, readily available, renewable energy source.  And if you use said energy to produce some tasty craft beer, eveyone wins.  On to Japan, where Sumida Riverside Hall in Tokyo is the spot to be on Hallowe’en.  39 Japanese craft breweries will be on hand to showcase approximately 50 jibeeru (microbrews) from across the country.  Again, excellent news for the craft beer industry (and for Japanes craft beer enthusiasts).  Finally, Scotland via Toronto.  Edinburgh’s Innis & Gunn Brewery lands a new cask aged specialty in Canada (or at least in Ontario), where it got a surprisingly lukewarm review in this article from .  I, however, am still eager to try one based solely on their track record.

Now that we’ve travelled around a fair bit of the world, let’s throw a spotlight the latest sign that the Apocolypse is upon us.  The omnipresent flogger of coffee-as-lifestyle (Starbucks) is selling craft beer (and wine- no surprise there).  You heard me correctly.  As of October 18, the Seattle coffee giant jumped in to the game.  Start brushing up on your brewing terms, because it’s only a matter of time better for you’re going to be schooled in the nuances of wet-hopping a Pacific Northwestern IPA by a skinny-jean wearing vegan hipster barrista at your local coffee shop.

And one last thing for all you tech geek/ beer geek types.  Good news!  While you are sitting in Starbucks quietly quaffing a venti of sustainably brewed, hand-picked, fair trade lager, you will have some new apps to play with on your iPad (also for use on the iPhone, but you’re way cooler than that).  It was bound to happen: apps that help you pick, rate and research beer.  I am honestly speechless.  I think the following picture best expresses how I feel:


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