Another Sunday, More Random Ramblings

Kaiser Wilhem puportedly once said: “Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.”  Well according to this article ‘ol Willy would be riding high as king of everything if he were with us today (and living in Florida).  From the list of top ten places that I didn’t expect to find a craft brewey: Peru’s high jungle.  From a blog titled “Beer Nut” comes one of the most uniqe methods of selling craft beer I have ever come across: a detective novel printed on the labels of a case of 650 ml bottles.  Gotta love the tag-line on the bottles, “Please read responsibly.”  The craft beer movement has had tremedous growth in the past several years, but are the mega-brewers fighting their way back in?  For a view from an economic perspective check out this article.  I have never before thought of combining beer reviews and cartooning, but the creative force at Pints and Panels have created an interesting take on the idea of beer reviewing- check it out for some solid reviews on East coast craft beers.  And now I leave you with an old brewery poster:


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  1. Colleen Hamilton says:

    Oh no!!! I’m a man!

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