Natureland Organic Festbier

Natureland Organic has produced a new seasonal beer to add to it’s impressive line-up.  When Brewmaster Peter Boettcher talked to back in August, he mentioned that he was brewing an Oktoberfest beer in “the true Munich style”.  Lo and behold, it is indeed October and the beer is available.  This brew comes as an addition to the already available Pale Ale, Lager, and Hefeweizen.  The tasting team here at (ok, just me- and I’m not sharing) was able to get hold of a sample and will be posting the review shortly.  Suffice it to say that this is one tasty beer.  For information on this and the rest of the Natureland line-up, check the website of their parent company Pacific Western Brewing, located here.


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2 Responses to Natureland Organic Festbier

  1. matt says:

    Just picked up a sixer of this beer and drinking one as I type. I think they did a nice job of imitating this Munich stlye. The maltyness of this beer really stands out.

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