It’s Sunday, I’m Thankful, and Still Rambling…

Happy Thanksgiving (or to our friends in Quebec Bon Jour de l’Action de Grace).  And our friends in America have something to be thankful for even though they don’t celebrate their Thanksgiving for another month or so.  According to this Washington Post article they will soon be able to enjoy Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, which hasn’t been available in the U.S. since before Prohibition.  Think how good that Irish Car Bomb will taste now!  In U.S. craft beer news: brewers, like every other industry, are hoping for a stimulus package.  The difference?  The craft brewers may actually get one.  Another sign that craft beer is climbing the trend charts:’s  “Food and Wine’s 40 Big Thinkers Under 40” features Christian Ettinger, the creator/brewmaster of Hopworks in Oregon, in the number 32 slot.  You think you’re a rebel?  Try being the son of a highly regarded Tuscan winemaker, and opting instead to become a brewer.  Even in the homeland of Chianti and a host of other world class wines, beer is making headway.  In the world of economic news, Scott Feschuk writing for shows us how pointless beer innovations can be used as economic indicators. And finally, I leave you with a cartoon from :


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