Sunday Ramblings

Who says that excessive attention to beer culture doesn’t pay off?  Try telling that to Marc Pronovost.  The newly crowned Stella Artois Canadian Draught Master will be heading to London  (via Belgium) to pursue further glory in the field of beer pouring.  With an eye to craft brewing, imagine how many pumpkin ales you could brew with a 987 pound pumpkin.  Speaking of craft beer, Craft Beer Week in New York City is ending and Joe Mastracchio from tells us about 5 beers you must try.  Since we all know that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the beer can, we’re offering up this link to the East Taunton Beer Can Museum.  There you can check out the “Beer Can Hall of Fame”, learn about “Beer Cans In Literature and Film”, and browse “Breweriana Images”, amongst other things.  Should be a pleasant diversion for a Sunday.  And now, in the words of Gareth Chilcott: “I’m off for a quiet pint- followed by fifteen noisy ones.”


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